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In this open forum for inquiry and exchange, all members can ask and answer relevant questions about any aspect of Japan Studies or educational practice, including research, resources and pedagogy. Questions can include in-depth supporting information. Over time, we hope that these questions will accurately reflect a wide range of the interests and teaching experiences of the community.

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Japanese Lesson 2: Numbers 1 - 100

This lesson covers basic counting in Japanese from 1 to 100.


Japanese Lesson 1: Introductions

This lesson covers eight basic Japanese greetings that are used regularly throughout the day.


Moto's Kitchen: Recipe 15 - Bento

Learn some simple guidelines to help you create a delicious and visually appealing bento (Japanese lunchbox).


Personal Testimonies – President Harry Truman’s grandson and a Korean atomic bomb survivor

The video introduces striking testimonies by Clifton Truman Daniel, President Harry Truman's grandson, and Jong-Keun Lee, a Korean native residing in Japan and a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.


Japanese Entryway

A short video of a typical entryway in a Japanese home.


Japanese Bathroom

A short video showing features of Japanese bathroom, shower, and kitchen, including environmentally friendly, high tech features.


Japanese Hobby Room and Closet

A video showing a western-style room, hobby room and closet for kimono in a Japanese house.


No Second Thought Decree - Primary Source Document

After British sailors committed several violent acts off Japan’s southern shores in subsequent years, the government issued this no-nonsense 1825 decree, barring all foreign ships. The decree stayed into effect until the 1840s.


Mochi Tsuki

Learn about the Japanese New Year's tradition of pounding mochi.


Elementary Physical Education Class

A physical education class in a Japanese elementary school.


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