Visit to a Kimono Shop

Visit to a Kimono Shop

着物と振袖 Kimono and Furisode

日本の呉服屋の主人に着物、振袖、浴衣について質問したインタビュー。日本語教師や学習者が活用できる語彙リストも動画に含まれ、語彙の漢字はふりがなつきで読め、動画に使われた文型も紹介される。 本動画に付随した完全語彙リスト、文型、質問やタスクの例も別途活用できる。(撮影協力:愛知県大府市内 染と呉服 とみたや  2011年7月撮影)

This is a video interview with an owner of a local kimono shop in Japan.  The six minute interview shows the inside of a kimono shop with a furisode display (a furisode is a type of kimono with long sleeves). The video is divided into 4-5 short sections in which each section starts with a question and is followed by the owner’s answers which explaining what kimono are, who wears them,  when they wear them, how much they costs, etc.  This video clip is accompanied by a full vocabulary list, featured sentence patterns, relevant questions and some suggested classroom activities and tasks. (This video was made in cooperation with Tomita-ya, Obu City, Aichi prefecture, Japan. July 2011) 

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