• Japan's Rapid Rise and Fall, 1868-1945


    Japan “modernized” in the late 19th century, but “modernization” meant empires and colonies as well as industrialization and representative government, leading ultimately to destruction on a scale never before experienced on the archipelago. In five lessons using a wide variety of sources, ranging from the visual arts to political documents, this unit examines the reasons behind these rapid changes and how these changes affected the fabric of life in Japan.

  • The Bubble Economy and the Lost Decade


    This lesson uses well-know editorials, speeches, and poems to explore the Japanese reaction to the Bubble Economy and Lost Decade.

  • Japan's Encounter with the World: A Basic Reading List


    Michael Auslin, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, compiles a useful and informative reading list for the secondary school teacher of important historical writings on Japan's encounter with the world, from about 1600-present.

  • Changes in Japan's Foreign Policy: US Military Presence


    Two experts debate the necessity of a large military presence in Okinawa and the importance of the United States to view the security alliance with Japan with a knowledge of both history and the current political situation of East Asia.

  • Japan in the News 2


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