Japanese Lesson 4: Going to a Destination

Japanese Lesson 4: Going to a Destination

Review Lesson 3: Days of the Week and Month.

Learn how to express that you will go or will not go and went or didn't go to a specific destination.  Also learn how to ask other people where they will go or went as well as how to respond if asked a similar question.

Sentence Structure:

Japanese English
(place) + ni + ikimasu. I will go to (place).
(place) + ni + ikimashita. I went to (place).
(place) + ni + ikimasen. I won't go to (place).
(place) + ni + ikimasen deshita. I didn't go to (place).
(place) + ni + ikimasu ka. Will you go to (place)?
(place) + ni + ikimashita ka. Did you go to (place)?
(place) + ni + ikimasen ka. Won't you go to (place)?
(place) + ni + ikimasen deshita ka. You didn't go to (place)?
Hai, ikimasu. Yes, I will go.
Iie, ikimasen. No, I won't go.
Hai, ikimashita. Yes, I went.
Iie, ikimasen deshita. No, I didn't go.

Lesson Vocabulary: 

English Romaji Hiragana Kanji
 to go ikimasu いくます 行きます
 won't go ikimasen いきません 行きません
 went ikimasita いきました 行きました
 didn't go ikimasen deshita   いきませんでした   行きませんでした  
 department store depato デパート  
 work (noun) shigoto しごと 仕事
 party pā パーティー  
 train station eki えき
 today kyou きょう 今日
 yesterday kino きのう 昨日
 tomorrow ashita あした 明日
 day after tomorrow asatte あさって 明後日
 day before yesterday ototoi おととい 一昨日
 yes hai はい  
 no iie いいえ  



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