Origami Heart Instructions and Activities

Origami Heart Instructions and Activities

This model is easy. Practice random acts of kindness. Send hearts to a sister school, nursing home or Peace Pal.  

Practical tips and techniques for using origami in the classroom here.

: Geometry l Shape Recognition l Spatial Sense

Materials: A red or pink rectangle, 8.5 x 2.5 inch   

Concepts and Vocabulary:

rectangle                      pentagon                 isosceles right triangle

apex                              base                          length

width                            vertical                     line of symmetry

congruent                     edge                         corner

right/left                       top                            bottom

Heart Instruction: PDF here

Additional Activities:

1.  Make several Math in Motion hearts of different sizes. Teach the concept of small, smaller, smallest or big, bigger, biggest. 

2.  Make a heart for Valentine’s Day. Write a heartfelt message inside. Write a poem of love and friendship and attach it to the heart.

3.  For St. Patrick’s Day, make three green hearts to form a shamrock.     

4.  Reinforce communication between parents and children. Write love notes. Tape the heart to the child’s shirt with a message inside. “Ask me how my day went” or “Tell me how much I mean to you.” Make it a weekly ritual.

Barbara Pearl, is an award winning educator and author of Math in Motion: Origami in the Classroom  (K-8) and Whale of a Tale (PreK-2). She has an M.A. in Education from La Salle University where she received the Graduate Faculty award for “Excellence in Academic Achievement and Leadership.” Her background in elementary education and mathematics inspired her to explore strategies that get students and teachers excited about mathematics and learning. Barbara is an adjunct math professor at a college and a featured speaker for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. She has presented on National TV for Comcast-On-Demand and is the 3x recipient of the National Library Week Award and the JFK Center, “Artists As Educators.” As President of the Philadelphia Chapter for Pi Lambda Theta, the Honor Society for Educators, Barbara presents staff development for teachers and is available for student and family workshops. For more information, please contact: info1@mathinmotion.com  or call (215) 840.1190. Visit Barbara’s website at: www.mathinmotion.com.



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