Editor's Note: This resource can be used in conjunction with the lesson plan Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York.

Satoru Eguchi is an artist in the early stages of his career who has already achieved critical acclaim.1  He often creates sculptures or other works that are somewhere between the second and third dimensions; not quite flat, but not quite completed forms. His processes involve various explorations of the concepts of construction and deconstruction.

The image shown here is a model for STUDIO, the work included in the Japan Society Gallery exhibition Making a Home. The actual piece is a full-size reconstruction of the artist’s actual studio in Brooklyn, executed in everyday materials such as cardboard and wood, painted to replicate reality. All details of the studio space are included in the final work at Japan Society, including furniture, accessories and tools; all sculpted by the artist.

Eguchi was born in Shibata, Niigata Prefecture, Japan in 1973.  He moved to New York in 1998 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

1 Shiner, Eric C. & Tomii, Reiko. Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York. New York: Japan Society, 2007, p.78.

Satoru Eguchi
Paper, cut-out photo, glue, variable shadow cast on the wall
14 x 16 K x 4 K" (35.6 x 41.9 x 11.4 cm)
Collection of the artist
Photo: Gô Sugimoto