• English-Japanese Book


    An English-Japanese book

  • Rural Scene


    A rural scene

  • Ginza Postcard 1932


    Picture postcard of Ginza from 1932

  • Violence and Democracy in Imperial Japan


    Dr. Eiko Maruko Siniawer of Williams College examines violence and democracy in imperial Japan.

  • Women in Modern Japanese History


    Marnie Anderson, Associate Professor, Smith College examines women in modern Japanese history through the lenses of education, labor and women's roles, and political and social rights.

  • Learning from Babysan


    Learning from Babysan: An American Cartoon as a Source for Studying the Allied Occupation of Japan, and the U.S. Military Presence in Postwar East Asia

  • Timeline of Modern Japan (1868-1945)

  • Rights and Responsibilities: Looking at the Meiji Constitution


    The Meiji Constitution serves as a starting point for an analysis and debate of the distinctions between rights and responsibilities, as well as the role of the populace in influencing government.

  • Japan's Rapid Rise and Fall, 1868-1945


    Japan “modernized” in the late 19th century, but “modernization” meant empires and colonies as well as industrialization and representative government, leading ultimately to destruction on a scale never before experienced on the archipelago. In five lessons using a wide variety of sources, ranging from the visual arts to political documents, this unit examines the reasons behind these rapid changes and how these changes affected the fabric of life in Japan.

  • Changing Times, Changing Styles: New Japanese Literary Styles of the Late 19th Century


    Kunikida Doppo’s story, "Unforgettable People," provides an example of a style of Japanese literature that developed in the 1880s and 90s as a result of encounters with European literature and other changes in the Japanese lifestyle related to the Meiji Restoration. The author(s) of this lesson suggest ways in which a discussion of the impact of this type of cultural contact may be introduced into the classroom.

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