• Japan in the World Since 1945


    This lesson explores Japan's politics after the Allied Occupation, in particular the close but conflicted relationship with the United States, the sometimes strained relations with China and South Korea, and Japan's military policy.

  • Japanese Protest of 1976 Lockheed Martin Payoff Scandal


    Japanese protesters march on the Diet governmental buildings in Tokyo in early 1976. At this time, Prime Minister Kakue Tanaka was accused of taking bribes from the Lockheed Corporation.

  • Traders Gesturing at Tokyo Stock Market


    Photo of traders in Tokyo on August 16, 1971, following President Nixon's speech on the U.S. economy.

  • 1969 Tokyo University Protests


    Tokyo police fire tear gas in an attempt to remove student locked inside Tokyo University.

  • Economic Leadership and Japan


    The New York Times article "In Finance, Japan Sees an Opening" offers an interesting take on a possible new role for Japan in the financial world. This summary of and suggested study questions for the article are designed to help educators use the article in their classrooms.

  • Japan's Reaction to Obama's Victory


    This collection of articles and video clips offers insight into various reactions in Japan to Barack Obama's victory, from Prime Minister Aso's official statement to issues concerning the government to all-out celebrations in the tiny town of Obama, Japan, to editorials discussing the pros and cons of Japan's relationship with the US government.

  • Japan's Influence on Asian Stock Markets: A Teaching Idea


    On Friday, November 21, Japanese Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa emphasized the need for Japan to take action during this difficult economic time. Following his statement, the stock markets in Asia rebounded. We offer suggestions for ways to use this event for basic chart activities through complex discussions of global economies.

  • Modern Shinkansen


    This photo taken in July 2008 shows one of Japan's high speed trains, or Shinkansen.

  • Impact of the Japanese Election, August 2009


    This resource puts the Democratic Party of Japan's landslide victory on August 30, 2009 in context, suggests ways it can be used in the classroom to teach about topics from the two party system to US-Japan and Japan-East Asia relationships, and provides a list of useful articles about the election and its implications.

  • North Korea's Position in the World: Overview


    In August 2009, experts in East Asian security and diplomacy met at Japan Society to discuss the state of relations on the Korean Peninsula and the policies Japan, the United States, and South Korea should pursue to address the current impasse. This resource gives a written overview of the situation and links to excerpts from the program and relevant teaching questions.

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